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There are only a few questions on the free sample exams. Your state board cosmetology exam will include information from more than one curriculum. There will be questions and answers on that exam you won't be familiar with because of that fact. Your best bet is to purchase access to the online computerized cosmetology exam review (Total Access) for only $29.99, where you will have unlimited attempts at numerous exams. If you want to be able to print the questions and answers from your own computer, then order the Total Access & eBook combo for $39.99. With our service you will be able to practice and review questions similar to a state board exam, but in a relaxed environment - your own home - your own computer - at your own convenience. Remember, practice makes perfect. Now... get back to work, and practice. Good Luck!

Total Access has over 1,500 questions in the following: Salon Business, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Makeup & Color, Consultation, Ergonomics & Professionalism, Electricity, Extensions & Wigs, Hair Coloring, Hair Design, Hair Styling, Chemical Texturing, Manicuring & Pedicuring, Bacteriology, Nail Disorders, Nail Wraps & Overlays (Acrylics), Sanitation & Disinfection, Hair Cutting, Shampooing & Conditioning, Brushing & Combing and Draping, Hair Removal & Hair Anatomy, Skin Histology & Skin Condtions, and Trichology. All Exams include instant feedback and work with smart phones, tablets & computers! There are 5 Timed Exams from 100 questions to 125 questions taken from all subjects, 22 Focus Exams from the subjects listed above, 3 Power Exams with 250 questions in selected subjects, and 3 Grand Exams with 500 questions from all subjects.

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