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Total Access to ALL COSMETOLOGY Exams includes: - over 1,500 questions in Anatomy and Physiology, Chemical Texturing, Chemistry, Consultation, Ergonomics & Professionalism, Electricity, Extensions & Wigs, Hair Coloring, Hair Cutting, Hair Design, Hair Styling, Skin Histology & Skin Condtions, Nail Wraps & Overlays (Acrylics), Salon Business, Sanitation & Disinfection, Shampooing & Conditioning, Brushing & Combing and Draping, Hair Removal & Hair Anatomy, Makeup & Color, Manicuring & Pedicuring, Bacteriology, Nail Disorders, and Trichology. All Exams include instant feedback and work with smart phones, tablets & computers! There are 22 Focus Exams, 5 Timed Exams from 100 questions to 125 questions taken from all subjects, 3 Power Exams with 250 questions in selected subjects, and 3 Grand Exams with 500 questions from all subjects each. To enter Total Access, you must first purchase a password by clicking Add To Cart ($29.99). For full details regarding cosmetology Total Access for state board exam pratice get the full details: About Cosmetology Total Access

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